Sunday, January 9, 2011

Laundry Day

Today is the dreaded laundry day, where I sort through all the clothes; new, old, coloured, whites, jean, delicates, etc. and try to place them in their corresponding washing machine. Generally I just do cold water everything and keep my whites separate, my colours separate, and my jeans and towels separate, however, I am open to laundry suggestions. It occurred to me that laundry is an art, and that the star is the clothes, and anything that involves clothes is sure to be fun. However, the one daunting thing about laundry is hanging it all up to dry (or at least most of it as I don't really like anything except towels and old clothes to go in the dryer). When you are in an apartment building it becomes such a challenge to find room on that little tiny metal drying rack, then you wait a few days until everything is dry, and rejoice, you can dirty it again! I'm dreaming of summer today, of clotheslines and pastel dresses waving in the wind drying, the smell of detergent in the air. Summer can't come soon enough dear readers.

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