Friday, March 11, 2011

Lindsay Lohan Court Fashion

Here's a look at Lindsay Lohan's fashion parade at recent court dates (recent... as in the last couple of years). She has good style and some expensive shades, now only if she could find real occasions to show these outfits off, rather than court mandated appearances. Oh Lilo, you are such a charmer.

Matthew Williamson Capsule Collection

Remember when I blogged a little while back about my favourite capsule collections for Target and H&M (like Rodarte and Lanvin and Matthew Williamson) and how I wished Matthew Williamson would do a H&M round 2 capsule collection? Well he is doing another collection, but this time with Macy's! I could not be more excited as Macy's is quite accessible since it is just over the border! The collection is meant to target a younger crowd, featuring the bold prints and pops of colour we know and love from Matthew Williamson. Ah affordable luxury, how I love you. Oh and by the way... Karl Lagerfeld himself is designing the next capsule for Macy's. I cannot wait for a date to be released so I can plan a shopping trip stateside!