Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas loyal readers! Hope your shopping went well and that you will be stylishly outfitted for Christmas. Today just wanted to do a very quick post on Lady Gaga. Love her or hate her, you can't deny she has some serious style. I read earlier she was in at Bergdorf's shopping and was overheard saying to her bodyguards ".... I waited my whole life to be able to afford coming here." That just touches my heart, she is so very human despite all the costumes and makeup. I can just picture her living in New York struggling to make ends meet and looking at the beautiful window displays on Fifth Ave. Remember to be thankful for all that you have been given and all that you are blessed to give, I know I'm trying to today.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Burberry Autumn/Winter 2011

Burberry has released some divine photos of their upcoming 2011 Fall/Winter collection. Again, the colours are very neutral with accents of leather, fur, and texture and little pops of colour, done the Burberry way. The womenswear collection I think is so-so, it is a little old and a little overdone. I do like the fur bottomed trench though although it would be hard to wear in everyday life, by which I mean in my life. The other problem for me with these photos is the model herself. Those faces and poses! They are so overdone. They remind me of ANTM five years ago! Burberry I think it lagging behind a little bit in the fashion world.

The menswear collection on the other hand is just my taste and exactly what I would like my boyfriend to dress like. I love the texture, tweed and tailored pants! It is a classic English look that is modern and sleek, like the womenswear collection tried to do but failed to do. I like the low v-neck sweaters on the men in the italian merino and the colours it comes in. I also like that Burberry has changed up their classic black two button to a classic brown two button. A brown suit is such a great item for a man because he can wear it year round, even in the summer it looks cool when black can be a bit over the top. Finally, camel and orange come into play for the men, very fun for fall, a great way to add some colour without going over the top. Orange is also a really easy colour for most men to wear, even those with red hair and light coloring, it compliments many skin tones and hair colours. Plus, check out the bags the men are carrying! Crocodile, alligator, whatever it is I love it! Finally an interesting bag for men!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Kate Spade Melts My Heart

Wishing you a very Merry Kate Spade Christmas. Check out the Kate Spade 'Things We Love" book for great inspiration!

Christmas Shopping

I've almost completed all my Christmas shopping! A miracle? Maybe. I did start in September to my credit, and have had to pick up a gazillion presents, from my boyfriend's birthday present to secret santas, to stockings, to glittered shirts for the girls I babysit next door. I have made this Christmas an amazing one, though on a budget. Working at Gap has been an amazing help as I have Old Navy, Gap and Banana to choose from at my employee discount and I also have been scoping the mall and Winners for deals. I've also been haunting Club Monaco, I love to get sale items and then get another 20 % off on them! It seems like this Christmas there are more stores than ever that are having big sales, like BOGO 50% off, 50% off outerwear, and 40% of the entire store. Shopping for presents is fun but I LOVEEE wrapping them. It truly is an art. I make a cup of tea, bring out all my snazzy wrapping paper and bows and put my Ipod on to blast my favourite Glee Christmas music.

Speaking of presents, I've decided to let you guys know that this week I am going to be announcing my first ever give away! Details and prizes will be announced later this week but I am super excited to be getting into give away blogging! To enter for the give away you will have to be a follower and make comments on the prize blog! Winner will be chosen with a random number generator. Can't wait to tell you guys what it will be! The contest will be open to everyone, including international followers. 

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Over-the-knee Boots: Where to Buy and How to Wear

Hello fashion lovers! Sorry for my one day hiatus but I had an exam yesterday, the last exam of my undergraduate degree in fact! I'm so relieved to be done and to have all this free time to blog but now that I have it I can't decide what to blog about today so I'm going to go with over-the-knee boots which have taken over this winter. Over-the-knee can be very casual, like a riding boot style, or very sexy with a big heel and a lace up design, and the one key to wearing them is keeping the rest of your outfit simple. Wear them with skinny jeans, jeggings or leggings, and a cardigan and tank top or if you are going out then pair them with a simple black dress and a pair of black tights. Over-the-knee boots are not for everyone though, I would really recommend keeping in mind your height when trying to pull them off. I think they may be a bit of a struggle for anyone under 5'4" but I think just a pair of tall riding boots are an awesome option so don't discount them! Also be sure to check out the motorcycle boot trend! I love a pair of tough boots with a pretty dress, the pretty tough style that Aritzia sparked a few seasons ago is still going strong and is very fashion forward. I've featured a few different styles below which are all available through Piperlime, an amazing shoes and accessories sites that sells designer garb online only. Other places to look for great boots include Winners, TJ Maxx, Holt Renfrew, Browns, and if you live in London like me, Fisher and Co.

'Charles by Charles David', retail for 165

Frye 'Shirley over the Knee', retail for 448

Joie 'Top of the World', retail for 625

Sam Edelman 'James', retail for 225

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Wishlist

Here is the list of things I am asking Santa for (or any kind-hearted soul this Christmas):

 I LOVE this bow dress from the BR Monogram collection at Banana Republic. Someone please hold a Christmas party so I have an excuse to wear it!
 I want an Ipod touch so badly, my Nano doesn't work on the best of days.
 Leave it to Kate Spade to come up with the perfect holiday handbag, equal parts utility and cheer.
 Another Banana Republic classic, the shearling jacket will be mine!
 Always wanted this wallet but could never bring myself to pick it up since the price tag is a little high at $198. The Turnlock wallet Marc by Marc Jacobs would go so well with my Michael Kors bag.
These riding boots would look amazing with a pair of dark wash skinnies, very much what you would expect from Ralph Lauren, an instant classic.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Price is Right

Anyone been watching the Price is Right lately? I've been snowed in for three days and this is one of my only sources of entertainment. This is the second time this week they have had Marc Jacobs bags and accessories as prizes! FML. If only I was in Lalaland on that show. The contestants are such fools that the 40 year old men keep winning those prizes! Such a shame... if you are one of those 40 yr old men who won the prizes, feel free to send em my way!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Daily Bread, Winter Edition

Here in London, ON we are in the middle of a terrible snow storm. Currently, we are buried under three feet of snow and are expecting a fourth by this evening. Mom and I decided to venture out after being stuck in the house for two days but left the car at home. See how I bundled up!

Jacket: TNA Parka
Mitts: TNA in sky milk
Boots: Merrell Oslo with fur trim
Pants: Lululemon reverse groove pants
Hat: Wool Toque thrifted

Monday, December 6, 2010

The Annual How to Dress Your Boyfriend Guide

Since last summer my 'How to Dress Your Boyfriend' guide has received so many hits I thought I would post a follow up on how to dress your man in 2010 and into 2011. I still love many of the styles I suggested in the '09 version and I would definitely recommend following it to try to ease your boyfriend into new styles and clothes. For 2010 and 2011 I would recommend a general streamlining of your boyfriend's wardrobe. Does he already wear stylish jackets, shirts and pants? If so, then this guide is for you.

Slim fits are back in a big way. The Gap this season has introduced a myriad of styles and colours in slim fit shirts so now is the time to capitalize on this trend! Slim fit dress shirts are great for all occasions, including dinners out and general day wear. They make men look leaner and more stylish instantly. Slimmer fitting pants are also a great look for men, look for straight leg jeans, or skinny if you dare, and for dress pants a slim or straight leg. If your man already has quite a few dress pants then simply update them by taking them to the tailor and having them altered to a slim style.

Another trend I love for men is beanies and no, they're not just for hipsters. Jake Gyllenhaal was recently spotted rocking one and if he can, anyone can! Jake has a very laid back style, slightly scruffy, often in jeans and a pair of loafers. This style is very easy to imitate and very affordable. Check out J Crew, Banana Republic and Club Monaco to pick up pieces that can be easily worked into your boyfriend's preexisting wardrobe to spruce up his style. Pick up a modern plaid shirt, a striped sweater, anything that is an interesting piece that will be add a bit of interest to your man's outfit.

Another simple tip is to get your man to break free of wearing sneakers! Yes, they may be casual and they may be designer but get him to try a pair of loafers or a simple black dress shoe. A dressier shoe will instantly elevate your man's look. Dress shoes can be comfortable too, my boyfriend recently admitted his pair were more comfortable than his sneakers!

Get him to try a scarf! Scarves are so easy to wear and add that extra little something that your look may be missing. A simple v-neck tee, cardigan and scarf are a great combo!

My last and final tip is not really about fashion at all but rather skin care. A lot of guys don't look after their skin the way they should or at all for that matter. If you really love your boyfriend then give his skin some consideration. If you want him to look his best for years to come, get him to use sun screen, moisturizer and a simple toner or face wash. I recommend Clinique's men's line, which is unscented and gentle enough for everyday use.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Carly's Favourite Things

If Oprah can have a 'favourite things' episode, then I can have a 'favourite things' blog! Lately I've been obsessed with just a couple things, and I couldn't live without them! Here they are:

My wonderful boyfriend bought me an ipod dock/alarm clock for our 3rd anniversary. I am madly obsessed with it. The sound is the best I've ever heard.

Pecksniff's candles. Sandalwood and Vanilla scented. Smell so good and look so beautiful. I love the soft Tiffany blue colour.

Sufjan Steven's new album 'The Age of Adz'. So techno, beautiful, original, and crazy. Perfect for easy listening or even to listen to before a big night out. Favourite song has to be 'Futile Devices', such a lovely love song.

I'm also addicted to David's Tea. I'm just finishing up my fall flavours like Pumpkin Chai and embarking on the Christmas favourites like Santa's Secret, so pepperminty and delish. It even has little candy canes in it!

Anyone who knows me at all knows I am OBSESSED with body lotions, body butter, creams, literally anything that smells delicious and is considered a moisturizer. Recently I've been going mad over Philosophy. I love the sweet and fresh scent of Grace. So simple and so clean. I have the body wash, conditioner, body lotion, and body emulsion. I've also recently started to delve into Philosophy lip glosses (hello watermelon and sorbet, as well as their face creams like On a Clear Day). It's sold at Sephora and is truthfully a bit pricey but so worth it and great for your skin. Also, the little quotes on the front of the bottles are such a inspiration. Yes it's stupid, but grace really is the answer.

Last but not least are my hunters. I love wellies. They are so comfy, so water proof, and so fashionable. I bought them in red just so they would stick out from the crowd.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Daily Bread

Scarf: H&M
Shirt: Gap cowl
Jeans: 1969 Gap Jean Leggings
Bag: Michael Kors Austin Drawstring Satchel
Boots: Barratts in UK
Jewerly: Swatch watch, Tiffany & Co bead bracelet and lock ring, Aerie leather bracelet

Friday, December 3, 2010

Tom Ford

The photos of Tom Ford's Womenswear line are starting to hit the stores (and the blogosphere) and the images are fantastic. The intimate runway show, the real life models like Daphne Guinness and Beyonce, and the clean lines of the collection which scream glamour and prestige are wonderful to pour over. I love the abundance of fur, texture, and to-die-for jackets. Pictures were taken by Terry Richardson, the favourite photographer of designers and models alike. Now if I could only get my hands on that sequined dress Beyonce is wearing...