Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Womenswear Trend of the Week

This week's trend is the head band, which has made a comeback in various forms over the past year. The head band has been a prevalent style in haute couture, casual American style, and even athletic wear. However, this new and hip era of head bands has been dominated by three styles, embellished with jewels and feathers, braids (whether natural or synthetic), and cotton headbands.

These styles have all been pioneered by various celebrities and television shows, helping to popularize them over the course of the year. Perhaps the most well known would be Blair Waldorf on the hit show Gossip Girl, played by Leighton Meester. Blair is never seen without a head band, and they accompany all her outfits, whether they be designer or her prep school uniform. Blair even wore a head band to prom! Blair wears several kinds of head bands, including plain wide traditional styles, as well as newer styles boasting feathers, jewels, sequins, plaid, and bows in bold colours.

A second kind of head band that has become immensely popular is the braided hair headband. Traditionally, this head band was created using a french braid in the wearer's hair, but was very difficult to achieve. Now, because of the popularity of the trend, faux hair braided bands are easily available and simplify the once hard to achieve look. Don't know where to find one? Check out Icing by Claire's or Ardene for a cheap version of the braided head band. Want to know who's a fan? Lauren Conrad is often seen sporting a braided head band, or even a side braid.

The athletic head band has also come into popularity, not only at the gym but in casual everyday style. Lululemon, a Canadian athletic brand, has a range of head bands all in various colours with their infamous logo printed upon it. This hand band, while meant for the gym, has shown up everywhere, from the classroom to the mall, and shows no signs of dying out. At over $14.00 for this head band, you have to realize it's purpose is more than just to hold a few hairs back. Other, thinner elastic head bands are also making their rounds, becoming a new way of wearing hair down.

Be sure not to miss out on this style! Stylish head bands can be found at stores the world over including Topshop, Primark, Claire's, Ardens, Icing, Lululemon, and Urban Outfitters!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Menswear Trend of the Week

Hello faithful readers! In order to make my blog a little more exciting I've decided to introduce a trend or look of the week, in both womens and menswear. This week's menswear winner? Shoes, no socks.

I have been witnessing this subtle fashion trend since I lived in Europe, and now I see it is more prevalent than ever, with columnists in American rag GQ declaring it 'mandatory to wear socks to the office, but not after 6pm.' Plus, the Sartoralist features the look almost once a week, so it must be cool. This look has been around for years, originally being an affluent and prep style, worn by the American elite while sailing or at their country houses. However, it has spurned into modern mainstream style, and has potentially become the menswear look of the summer.

How to wear this look you ask? It can be worn with a dress short, but not a casual, baggy cargo short, or with dress pants, that are slim in the leg, or even with a slim, slightly cuffed jean. Shoes I would recommend to pair this look with include moccasins, dress shoes, canvas shoes, and loafers. This look can be worn to a casual dinner, to the movies, at the cottage, on vacation, or while enjoying the warm weather in general.

How not to wear the look would include to the gym, to the office (however, if the office is casual, feel free not to wear socks), with running shoes, with jogging pants, with baggy jeans, with anything athletic in general. Worried about what no socks will do to your shoes? Sprinkle a little powder in the shoe for comfort. Keep this look classic and it will never fail.

Still not sure how to wear the style? Check out the photos below for fashion inspirations. Thanks to Scott Pilgrim for the photos and his model Drew.