Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mad for Mad Men

I'm crazy for all things Mad Men. Even designers are getting in the craze, copying the classic style of Don Draper and the ladies of Sterling Cooper. I think I'm officially obsessed with Jon Hamm, especially after seeing those candids of him on Perez this week. He has such a timeless style and looks his best in a suit. Dying for some Mad Men pieces of your own? Check out the Mad Men inspired QVC collection by the show's costume designer. Check out the photos below for some inspiration!

I Miss You McQueen

I just have skulls and glitter on the brain today.

Friday, July 16, 2010

New Gossip Girl Styles

Anyone seen the stills from the upcoming season of Gossip Girl? Blair and Serena look so edgy and fashion forward, but still keep a beautiful feminine edge.

I like the boho-edge Serena is sporting in this scene. Blair looks so Park Ave and business women-like, I wish she would sport a younger style in the show, something less structured.
I'm dying to know what this outrageous look is used for! She looks so costumey but the look is still so Serena.
I love these rainboots! Such a nice change from the traditional hunters, and especially stylish with those knee socks exposed.
How adorable is this look? I love neutral bags paired with florals! The clear umbrella is so chic too, I saw so many when I lived in England.

Don't worry, I didn't forget about the boys style either; they look delish this season in dress casual looks and basics. I'm dying to know what Chuck Bass will be up to this season but from the looks of it, he'll still be looking divine. Sadly no sneak peaks of Lonely Boy yet this season, just lots of candids of he and real life girlfriend Blake Lively kissing in NYC.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fashion in NYC

I knew the fashion in NYC would be dazzling and it truly was. Madison and Park avenue types, strutting around in their Louis V. wearing the latest Proenza Schouler F/W'10 collection and carrying handbags worth as much as a semester at university. Barney's, Bergdorf Goodman, and
Tiffany's were particularly impressive, as were the prices. I made my first purchase of the trip at Tiffany & Co. and continued to shop steadily until we hit the Canadian border.

NYC has such an atmosphere and an energy, from the elevator attendant at Tiffany's putting on his snooty accent to my $8 manicure at the Korean place around the corner from my hotel, I loved every minute of it. NYC is so fascinating because of all the different kinds of fashionistas as well. I'm so sick of those Juicy, Tiffany, denim cut offs, gladiator wearing girls carrying Coach that are dominating UWO fashion right now. Not that I'm not one of them sometimes but I feel like they have no dimensions to their style. In NYC however I saw thrift style, DIY style, indie, rock, Harajuku, Park Ave, Ready to Wear, prep, androgynous and the list goes on. Women and men were wearing incredible things even in the sweltering heat, towering heels and smart hats, carrying handkerchiefs to keep themselves dry in the humidity of the subway. And speaking of handkerchiefs, get ready because I predict they will be making a big comeback in women's wear this fall.

What did I learn in NYC? Heels are huge, sandals are incredibly strappy and flat, the subway is hotter than hell, and gauzy white shirts reign supreme to beat the city heat. The perfect outfit for NYC's heatwave is a cotton white dress, a huge purse (b/c everyone in NYC carries their life in their bag) and espadrilles.

Check out some of what I bought in NYC below!

My beautiful Tiffany letter pendant, although mine is a C of course.

Simple and cotton, the only thing you need to wear with this dress is a tan. Get it at Banana Republic.

Marc Jacobs Lust

I've had an insatiable appetite for all things MJ lately! It's completely consuming me. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I get 30% off Marc Jacobs now thanks to my new fabulous job, or maybe it's just because Marc is a visionary but I resisted buying any purses in NYC last weekend just so I could save up for a beautiful Marc Jacobs bag. As seen in a previous post I'm lusting after a certain white MJ bag, but I'm dying for the 'Put the petal to the metal bag' in grey. The metal birds on it are just so refreshing. I also LOVE all the gold hardware on MJ bags. It makes them so rich and luxe.

What are you guys dying for? Check out MJ's website and tell me what bags you love!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

trend alert: SHEER, LACE, AND MESH

Want to be on board with all the fashion trends this fall? All you need to do in remember one word: SHEER! Anything sheer, like lace, mesh and gauzy cottons will reign supreme, layered with key pieces like black leggings and over sized blazers.

Not sure how to wear the style? Try a lace shirt tucked into skinnies, a sheer crop top and slacks, or shoes with a mesh side. Check out the looks below for some fashion inspiration!

I'm DYING for these Kate Spade flats! So simple and neutral, another huge trend for the fall.

Lace shirts like this one from American Apparel can turn up the sex appeal in any outfit.

I love this look! Stripes make the crop top so casual and fun. This look is worn completely different than it was in the 80's which gives it a fresh twist.