Monday, August 9, 2010

Fall Fashion

I'm starting to crave wearing leggings, boots and parkas, 'tis surely a sign of the changing seasons. I bought my first boots for the upcoming fall last week, brown suede ankle boots with side bows and a chunky heel. I'm debating how exactly I'll wear them though... I was thinking of easing myself into the fall wearing them with a white dress and a brown belt. My next purchases will be the new black jean leggings at the Gap which are so soft and lots of over sized white and grey tunic t-shirts to wear with the jeggings and boots. I think I want to try wearing over sized knit scarves this fall with skinny jeans in muted purples and burnt oranges and I want to knit them myself! I'm getting ahead of myself though as I need my mother to teach me how to knit since I forgot all of five minutes after she taught me last time.

Any other ideas for this fall fashion lovers?

Sufjan Stevens is Coming to Town

Sufjan is coming! Massey Hall, October 13th. I've been waiting a long time for this. If I don't get tickets the world will come to an end. This isn't really a fashion post but I just wanted to shout this from a roof top but I don't have one... just a fashion blog.

If you have some time on your hands or a hankering for wonderful music, download his album Illinois or just listen to the multiple versions of the cult classic Chicago. I like the multiple-personality disorder one best.