Sunday, January 9, 2011

Black Swan

I liked Black Swan so much I figured I should write a little follow up blob about it. IT WAS AMAZING! Natalie Portman was electric, terrifying, riveting, captivating... she was everything. The movie made me cringe and awe and even sweat a little! The costumes were amazing, without doubt, the best they could have been. I applaud Rodarte a hundred times over. Mila Kunis as well was so sensual and fun, she also lost an amazing amount of weight and looked the part, and she killed the make-out scene, which was highly erotic but so twisted. The mother is the film suffered so much, it reminded me a bit of those ladies on TLC, pageant moms I think they are referred to. The hardest part of the film for me was knowing what was real and what was not. The imagination was so vivid; reality and the dreamworld collided a bit too much for me to really comprehend at times what was happening. Regardless, Black Swan was a wonderful film, very artistic and the acting was spot on.

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