Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Burberry Autumn/Winter 2011

Burberry has released some divine photos of their upcoming 2011 Fall/Winter collection. Again, the colours are very neutral with accents of leather, fur, and texture and little pops of colour, done the Burberry way. The womenswear collection I think is so-so, it is a little old and a little overdone. I do like the fur bottomed trench though although it would be hard to wear in everyday life, by which I mean in my life. The other problem for me with these photos is the model herself. Those faces and poses! They are so overdone. They remind me of ANTM five years ago! Burberry I think it lagging behind a little bit in the fashion world.

The menswear collection on the other hand is just my taste and exactly what I would like my boyfriend to dress like. I love the texture, tweed and tailored pants! It is a classic English look that is modern and sleek, like the womenswear collection tried to do but failed to do. I like the low v-neck sweaters on the men in the italian merino and the colours it comes in. I also like that Burberry has changed up their classic black two button to a classic brown two button. A brown suit is such a great item for a man because he can wear it year round, even in the summer it looks cool when black can be a bit over the top. Finally, camel and orange come into play for the men, very fun for fall, a great way to add some colour without going over the top. Orange is also a really easy colour for most men to wear, even those with red hair and light coloring, it compliments many skin tones and hair colours. Plus, check out the bags the men are carrying! Crocodile, alligator, whatever it is I love it! Finally an interesting bag for men!