Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fashion on Campus

Corey and I hit the pavement Monday once more to bring you a little fashion inspiration from the University of Waterloo. Sadly, this may be the last fashion post I do at UW as exams are beginning and I start at Western in September, but hopefully not. Enjoy the mix of casual, hipster, and glam!

I really liked this almost slip looking dressing
in the shocking hot pink, with the tiny bit of lace trim
at the bottom. Paired with gladiators sandals
in a sky high heel, it was almost too glam for
school, but nonetheless a great fashion statement.

This man has lived all over the world, New Zealand, Victoria,
and is a Waterloo alum. His converse sneakers paired with
his plaid shirt were just a little bit hipster, and
the distressed jean a little rock and roll.

Sadly, this young lady didn't speak much English, but
her clothes did all the talking for her. Denim blue heels
with a peep toe are a rarity, especially on campus.
Thanks to her friends who translated for us!

This outfit was a mix of everything and I just couldn't
place here in a fashion genre. Contrasting prints, a skirt
paired with boots, and her almost military jacket
gave this outfit a lot of originality.