Saturday, February 26, 2011

John Galliano

Yes this. By now we've all heard about Galliano, whether you read the BBC, Perez or the Sart. Assault and anti-Semitic slurs against an asian couple, resulting in his arrest have led to his suspension from the house of Dior. Was it the right decision? Yes. Emphatically so. YES. Whether he did or he didn't is irrelevant. He WAS arrested. There is an investigation. Pending inquires, he has been suspended, just like he would at any other job in the corporate world. He was not fired. He is merely on a PAID suspension. Sounds like the perfect time to go to the Riveria or Le Pinet to me.

The real question I think is whether Kate Moss will stick with him as her wedding dress designer... and also is this is all an elaborate way to push him out the house he helped to revive? I think yes and yes. Never fear, I'm sure he will land on his feet at some couturier.