Wednesday, May 25, 2011

goodbye oprah

today was the last oprah winfrey show. no guests, no car giveaways, just oprah talking, preaching, and reliving a couple golden moments (and outfits). it was a nice change of pace today and i was surprised she kept it together so well. it was a little disappointing she didn't give people in the audience an island or something comically large, but i think she's really just done with that. goodbye oprah, i will miss you on those rare days i am home at 4pm on a week day afternoon.

fitness inspiration: heather morris

one of my favourite gleeks is on the cover of women's health and she looks A-MAY-ZING! she has become my current fitness inspiration. i read heather was a back-up dancer for beyonce for almost two years! no wonder she is such a crazy good dancer.  too bad lord tubbington didn't make it onto the cover too.

new york new york: gleeeeee finale

oh glee. rachel and finn are once more, quinn got a hair cut, kurt and blaine, or klaine if you will, love each other, santana and brittany are still.... whatever, and mercedes and giant lips are dating, secretly. the music was good, although maybe a little TOO broadway, but when in rome i suppose. one complaint however is that glee is so predictable at times. so they didn't win nationals this year, and the didn't win regionals the year before, so obviously if we follow the next logical progression, next season they will likely win, or place well, at nationals. also, mr. schu, why aren't you going to broadway? it's during the summer, your time off, and has nothing to do with your kids. live your dream but just be back for september. maybe sue is right and his hair product is evil... and possibly affecting his mind.

i love jillian michaels (but i also kind of hate her)

jillian michaels is a work out goddess. i love her fitness dvds, especially the 30 day shred, which i currently doing every single day. i'm also an obsessive biggest loser fan (i choose to watch biggest loser during the 8 pm timeslot and watch glee instead online afterwards). but i was pretty late to the party. this past season was the first i ever watched fully. my brother has been into the show since it's inception and has always bugged me to watch it and now that i do we fight over contestants and who is the most impressive. i was blown away with hannah and olivia, i love those girls! big congrats to olivia for becoming the biggest loser, and to her husband who has lost over 100 pounds himself.

if you haven't tried the jillian michaels dvds, try them! you will sweat, pant, tell jillian you hate her, but you will get amazing results. i love 20 minute workouts because 20 minutes is usually all i have to give. jillian is giving me abs for the first time in my life and i love her for it!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

models off duty

i am LOVING all things to do with models off duty. the photos are of models in their sloppy, and not so sloppy, day wear, post show wear, and gym wear are just so fun to oogle, plus they make amazing inspiration every time i work out. coco rocha is my favourite, but any long leg beauty will do. also, isn't karlie kloss just way too stylish?

love is always in fashion

you are the trip I did not take
you are the pearls I could not buy
you are my blue italian lake
you are my piece of foreign sky
you are my honolulu moon
you are the book I did not write,
you are my heart's unuttered tune
you are a candle in my night
you are the flower beneath the snow
in my dark sky a bit of blue
answering disappointment's blow with
i am happy
i have you

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Dying Art of the Print Catalogue

I love technology and everything it has given me, including my flat screen TV, my Blackberry, my iPod Touch 2nd gen. and net-a-porter, but there comes a point when I cling to things that are still substantial, like my second hand books, my vast collection of movies, and my love of print catalogs. Print catalogs in particular restore a certain nostalgia in me, like the Sears catalogs, and especially the Wish Book. Every Christmas I would mark out the toys, clothes and shoes I would like for Christmas and my mother would order them (well, some of them).

We lived in a rural community of less than 200 people and so I spent the first 18 years of my life ordering clothes out of a catalog and relishing the occasional trip to the mall, where I would stock up on Campus Crew clothing. I have lived at home with my parents on and off since I was 18. Since January when I moved to Ottawa, I have been feeling increasing tinges of home sickness and they culminated today in my ordering of about ten different print catalogs from stores like Sears, J Crew and LL Bean. And this led me to realize how few stores offer print catalogs now as compared to my youth. Yes, we can online shop to our hearts content but how nice does it feel to flip through a glossy catalog and scope out trends, deals if you order before a certain time, and badly posed catalog models?

I'm eagerly waiting the arrival of the catalogs so I can battle homesick feelings with style.