Thursday, November 4, 2010

Circle Scarves

Anyone else been coveting circle scarves lately? They have become a definite obsession of mine since I saw Michelle Melski sporting a gray American Apparel one some time back. I picked up the knitted wool circle scarf in cream from the Gap and I looove it! The grey one is next on my list.

December Issue of Elle

The December issue of Elle Canada arrived on my door stop yesterday. I read it all in one sitting, pausing only to think, what am I going to wear to New Year's Eve this year and where will I go? I love fall and winter fashions, which are indulgent and glamorous, and make up for the lightness of the summer. I think my friends are all heading up to Montreal this year to celebrate New Year's Eve and we have chosen to do a dressy event this year. I want my dress to be dramatic and textured, I'm almost thinking of rocking a skirt and a long sleeve lace shirt (if anyone of you reading this blog (if there is anyone) who I will be celebrating NYE with dare to steal this look). I might add some colour to it, or even some gold, but for now all black is my inspiration. Here are some of my ideas!


Hallowe'en has come and gone and I think the community of London had some pretty fashionable costumes this year, not to mention slutty ones, but we'll forget and forgive those. I'm continually impressed with people's creativity and the best part of Hallowe'en, aside from the copious amounts of chocolate and drinking, is checking out other people's costumes. This year I saw a lot of Lady Gagas, Katy Perrys, and bumblebees, with some creepy zombies thrown in there too. I dressed up as Katy Perry and my dear boyfriend Roger as Russel Brand, couple costumes are so cliche but still so cute. Our friends Kyle and Jess dressed up as Awesome-o from South Park (see season 8 for a refresher) and a 60's house wife. Jess had on the prettiest apron, kitchen fashion at it's finest. Here's a few photos from the night!