Thursday, June 25, 2009

Where Have All The Fashionable Hats Gone?

I have my mind set on a hat. I know exactly what it looks like because everyone seems to have one, or one that looks like it, and I want one too! It's a simple straw fedora with a black ribbon and it will almost complete my beach attire for the season (after I buy that black maxi dress at my work... and a pair of gold rim aviators... and another pair of gladiators) However, the search for it is turning out to be anything but simple. Unfortunately, living in Waterloo, access to stores and fashion is at times limited, very limited. Yes, we have an Aritzia, a Banana Republic, an Espirit... and a few other generally more sought after stores, but it seems no one is carrying this hat, or those who did carry it are sold out.

I'm at my wits end here, I'm even considering looking at Sirens and Stitches. Don't judge me too harshly friends. If only I lived in Toronto, the land of Urban Outfitters and hundreds of other large trendy stores. Have you seen this hat in the K/W area? If you have please tell me where, there may be a reward in it for you.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fashion on Campus

Here's some fashion inspiration for you, straight from the University of Waterloo's campus!

I had a terrible time getting this girl to let us
take a photo, plus she didn't even know where her bag was from.

This handsome fellow is actually the founder of
the Boar, (an e-mag I am an editor with ) Ashley's
boyfriend. Life is full of coincidences.

I love this girl's floral skirt with her laid
back t-shirt, a very campus like summer style.

I could barely get this guy's attention
he had on Bose headphones.
I really like his messenger bag and loafers.

The vest, fedora, and printed tee go together like
p.b. and jam. One very stylish young lady.

I loved this girls hair bow and shirt dress, very
unique style, kind of 80's Madonna meets the Gap.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Trend Alert!

Ladies watch out because neon colours are back!

Don't believe me? Take a look at Blake Lively's outfit from the 2009 CFDA Fashion Awards in NYC last night. Pink has never looked so hot (note to self, buy a hot pink mini.) Not a fan of pink? Try orange, yellow, green, any color under the sun, just make sure it's bright! Colours are big right now so leave you're trusty old black and white clothes in the closet and give some colour a chance. Wearing a few colours at once is also big, like a yellow and blue, or even contrasting pattens or colours. It's all about standing out in the crowd. Hate colour? Try a metallic. Heidi Klum rocked a silver metallic dress last night at the CFDA's last night (and she's pregnant, so if she can do it, anyone can).

Style Icons

Let's talk about style icons. Don't tell me you don't have one because everyone does, even if they won't admit it. Everything has been done, recycled, borrowed, or copied at some point.

My style icons you ask? First and foremost, JKO, Jackie Kennedy Onassis. Everything from Oleg Cassini, to the pillbox hats, to the love of French fashion houses, to classic American style screams Jackie Kennedy. JKO made the Whitehouse fashionable and married (and put up with) JFK, which is no small feat. Plus, she spoke like a billion languages and rode horses and always looked the part. Ladies, whenever you put on those over sized sunglasses that make you look fabulous, thank Jackie O.

Another fashion icon? Audrey Hepburn hands down. This woman was so fashionable that the GAP named a pant for her posthumously! You know you're a style icon when....

A couple modern style icons would include Kate Bosworth, Ashley Olsen (sorry Mary-Kate), and Blake Lively. I love classic American style (think Michael Kors), with a little Givenchy thrown in for fun.

Welcome to Fashion Girl!

Hello Fashion Lovers!

I've created this blog as an outlet for my love of fashion simply because I felt I couldn't share it with enough people. On this site I hope to have pictures up of my friends, of strangers, of celebs, anyone who looks good. High fashion, street fashion, catwalk and simply styled people will be featured, there will be no conventional style here. Please feel free to send me pictures of yourself or anyone else, photos you've taken, or anything you simply think looks good, whether it be an entire outfit or just a single piece. Every picture I post up here I'll try to tell you who designed it or where it's from, just in case you love something enough to want to buy it.