Monday, December 6, 2010

The Annual How to Dress Your Boyfriend Guide

Since last summer my 'How to Dress Your Boyfriend' guide has received so many hits I thought I would post a follow up on how to dress your man in 2010 and into 2011. I still love many of the styles I suggested in the '09 version and I would definitely recommend following it to try to ease your boyfriend into new styles and clothes. For 2010 and 2011 I would recommend a general streamlining of your boyfriend's wardrobe. Does he already wear stylish jackets, shirts and pants? If so, then this guide is for you.

Slim fits are back in a big way. The Gap this season has introduced a myriad of styles and colours in slim fit shirts so now is the time to capitalize on this trend! Slim fit dress shirts are great for all occasions, including dinners out and general day wear. They make men look leaner and more stylish instantly. Slimmer fitting pants are also a great look for men, look for straight leg jeans, or skinny if you dare, and for dress pants a slim or straight leg. If your man already has quite a few dress pants then simply update them by taking them to the tailor and having them altered to a slim style.

Another trend I love for men is beanies and no, they're not just for hipsters. Jake Gyllenhaal was recently spotted rocking one and if he can, anyone can! Jake has a very laid back style, slightly scruffy, often in jeans and a pair of loafers. This style is very easy to imitate and very affordable. Check out J Crew, Banana Republic and Club Monaco to pick up pieces that can be easily worked into your boyfriend's preexisting wardrobe to spruce up his style. Pick up a modern plaid shirt, a striped sweater, anything that is an interesting piece that will be add a bit of interest to your man's outfit.

Another simple tip is to get your man to break free of wearing sneakers! Yes, they may be casual and they may be designer but get him to try a pair of loafers or a simple black dress shoe. A dressier shoe will instantly elevate your man's look. Dress shoes can be comfortable too, my boyfriend recently admitted his pair were more comfortable than his sneakers!

Get him to try a scarf! Scarves are so easy to wear and add that extra little something that your look may be missing. A simple v-neck tee, cardigan and scarf are a great combo!

My last and final tip is not really about fashion at all but rather skin care. A lot of guys don't look after their skin the way they should or at all for that matter. If you really love your boyfriend then give his skin some consideration. If you want him to look his best for years to come, get him to use sun screen, moisturizer and a simple toner or face wash. I recommend Clinique's men's line, which is unscented and gentle enough for everyday use.


  1. These styles are so great for men! Gotta show the husband ;-)