Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Shopping

I've almost completed all my Christmas shopping! A miracle? Maybe. I did start in September to my credit, and have had to pick up a gazillion presents, from my boyfriend's birthday present to secret santas, to stockings, to glittered shirts for the girls I babysit next door. I have made this Christmas an amazing one, though on a budget. Working at Gap has been an amazing help as I have Old Navy, Gap and Banana to choose from at my employee discount and I also have been scoping the mall and Winners for deals. I've also been haunting Club Monaco, I love to get sale items and then get another 20 % off on them! It seems like this Christmas there are more stores than ever that are having big sales, like BOGO 50% off, 50% off outerwear, and 40% of the entire store. Shopping for presents is fun but I LOVEEE wrapping them. It truly is an art. I make a cup of tea, bring out all my snazzy wrapping paper and bows and put my Ipod on to blast my favourite Glee Christmas music.

Speaking of presents, I've decided to let you guys know that this week I am going to be announcing my first ever give away! Details and prizes will be announced later this week but I am super excited to be getting into give away blogging! To enter for the give away you will have to be a follower and make comments on the prize blog! Winner will be chosen with a random number generator. Can't wait to tell you guys what it will be! The contest will be open to everyone, including international followers. 

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