Sunday, December 5, 2010

Carly's Favourite Things

If Oprah can have a 'favourite things' episode, then I can have a 'favourite things' blog! Lately I've been obsessed with just a couple things, and I couldn't live without them! Here they are:

My wonderful boyfriend bought me an ipod dock/alarm clock for our 3rd anniversary. I am madly obsessed with it. The sound is the best I've ever heard.

Pecksniff's candles. Sandalwood and Vanilla scented. Smell so good and look so beautiful. I love the soft Tiffany blue colour.

Sufjan Steven's new album 'The Age of Adz'. So techno, beautiful, original, and crazy. Perfect for easy listening or even to listen to before a big night out. Favourite song has to be 'Futile Devices', such a lovely love song.

I'm also addicted to David's Tea. I'm just finishing up my fall flavours like Pumpkin Chai and embarking on the Christmas favourites like Santa's Secret, so pepperminty and delish. It even has little candy canes in it!

Anyone who knows me at all knows I am OBSESSED with body lotions, body butter, creams, literally anything that smells delicious and is considered a moisturizer. Recently I've been going mad over Philosophy. I love the sweet and fresh scent of Grace. So simple and so clean. I have the body wash, conditioner, body lotion, and body emulsion. I've also recently started to delve into Philosophy lip glosses (hello watermelon and sorbet, as well as their face creams like On a Clear Day). It's sold at Sephora and is truthfully a bit pricey but so worth it and great for your skin. Also, the little quotes on the front of the bottles are such a inspiration. Yes it's stupid, but grace really is the answer.

Last but not least are my hunters. I love wellies. They are so comfy, so water proof, and so fashionable. I bought them in red just so they would stick out from the crowd.

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