Wednesday, May 25, 2011

new york new york: gleeeeee finale

oh glee. rachel and finn are once more, quinn got a hair cut, kurt and blaine, or klaine if you will, love each other, santana and brittany are still.... whatever, and mercedes and giant lips are dating, secretly. the music was good, although maybe a little TOO broadway, but when in rome i suppose. one complaint however is that glee is so predictable at times. so they didn't win nationals this year, and the didn't win regionals the year before, so obviously if we follow the next logical progression, next season they will likely win, or place well, at nationals. also, mr. schu, why aren't you going to broadway? it's during the summer, your time off, and has nothing to do with your kids. live your dream but just be back for september. maybe sue is right and his hair product is evil... and possibly affecting his mind.

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