Wednesday, May 25, 2011

i love jillian michaels (but i also kind of hate her)

jillian michaels is a work out goddess. i love her fitness dvds, especially the 30 day shred, which i currently doing every single day. i'm also an obsessive biggest loser fan (i choose to watch biggest loser during the 8 pm timeslot and watch glee instead online afterwards). but i was pretty late to the party. this past season was the first i ever watched fully. my brother has been into the show since it's inception and has always bugged me to watch it and now that i do we fight over contestants and who is the most impressive. i was blown away with hannah and olivia, i love those girls! big congrats to olivia for becoming the biggest loser, and to her husband who has lost over 100 pounds himself.

if you haven't tried the jillian michaels dvds, try them! you will sweat, pant, tell jillian you hate her, but you will get amazing results. i love 20 minute workouts because 20 minutes is usually all i have to give. jillian is giving me abs for the first time in my life and i love her for it!

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