Monday, August 9, 2010

Fall Fashion

I'm starting to crave wearing leggings, boots and parkas, 'tis surely a sign of the changing seasons. I bought my first boots for the upcoming fall last week, brown suede ankle boots with side bows and a chunky heel. I'm debating how exactly I'll wear them though... I was thinking of easing myself into the fall wearing them with a white dress and a brown belt. My next purchases will be the new black jean leggings at the Gap which are so soft and lots of over sized white and grey tunic t-shirts to wear with the jeggings and boots. I think I want to try wearing over sized knit scarves this fall with skinny jeans in muted purples and burnt oranges and I want to knit them myself! I'm getting ahead of myself though as I need my mother to teach me how to knit since I forgot all of five minutes after she taught me last time.

Any other ideas for this fall fashion lovers?

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