Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wimbledon Fashion

Anyone a big tennis fan? I like tennis quite a bit, but I like the style involved much more. I've been watching the William sisters quite close throughout this season as Venus is set to debut a new tennis wear line and she has been giving us sneak peaks at various games. First there was the notorious black lace dress she chose to wear against Cibulkolva which was a mix of cancan and burlesque. Reviews on the dress were mixed, some decrying it, others praising her boldness. More than anything else critics were discussing what she was wearing under the skirt, nude underwear that gave the illusion of no underwear at all. The nude underwear has caused quite a controversy, some saying it should be banned, others finding it playful.

Venus' latest outfit is a bit more tame, white and a little frilly apparently inspired by Tina Turner. A complete 180 from her last raunchy outfit of red and black, the look is a little flapper and a little athletic.

Personally, these nontraditional outfits and nude underwear are fashion I can do without in my tennis matches. I prefer the smartly dressed Roddick in Lacoste, Sharapova in crisply pleated white skirts with matching underwear. I do remember though that even Rene Lacoste in his own time was considered innovative and ground breaking, the tennis skirt in particular is a fashion landmark pioneered by Lacoste. So thanks to Lacoste and all others who have made tennis the fashionable sport it is today. And to Venus? Thanks for keeping things fresh.

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