Saturday, January 9, 2010

Winter's Latest Trends

Yes, after a long hiatus I am finally back! Sorry I was away for so long, but I seem to get so caught up in school I forget to do normal stuff like blog and go to the gym. First order on my agenda is to get into winter fashion trends in both women's wear and men's wear.

Ankle boots, fur, long loose v-necks, and statement bracelets reign supreme this winter in Canada. Long sleeved mini-dresses are also making a comeback, as is lace, with long necklaces and wader boots on the way out. My suggestions for a night on the town is a simple dress or skirt with one or two accessories, like a bracelet and textured purse. A long sleeved dress with patterned tights and a thick bracelet worn with ankle boots is a perfect outfit. If you're a little uncomfortable wearing a form fitting mini dress then try a skirt or shorts with a blazer and tights, with sky high heels for some extra confidence. Dark jeans are still a winning combination with anything and can really create a leaner leg when paired with heels. If you're worried about your legs appearing short, skip the ankle boot and embrace something that rises higher on your calf, or opt for a pair of heels.

Men this winter should keep their colour palette simple; black and grey should be complimented with pops of red and blue. I suggest a straight leg jean in a dark wash or a grey casual pant for bottoms, worn with designer sneakers or a pair of simple black dress shoes. Blue blazers are a must have item, as are grey suits, and make a great impression for first dates and bar wear. Simple blue striped shirts, think Ralph Lauren, look great this winter worn with a red tie, and paired with a black cardigan or pullover. Big buttons and small details on cardigans help to make your look unique and add texture to a largely black or grey outfit.

Want to know how to wear the look? See the following photos!

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