Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Locks of Lust

There seems to be a shift once again in the style of hair. Long hair is out and the shorter styles seem to be in. One cut in particular, a shoulder-grazing cut with a slightly longer styling at the front. This cut is so popular in fact that Vogue devoted an entire two pages to this style in the UK edition in May. Their columnist argues that the cut is a precise one, and that a mistake in the cut could altogether miss the look of the hairstyle. Regular trimmings are most necessary to keep it just above the shoulder length. Girls at my work in particular are queuing up to chop off the locks they’ve treasured and grown long for years to get this new short hair cut, and other variations of it. No less than three of our staff of nine has this new, hot haircut. What’’s the name of this haircut you ask? I like to call it the Katie Holmes (or is that Cruise?) cut. It’s just one style of many she’s spurned this summer, including the boyfriend jean.

However, I’m not one to encourage fads, and this haircut is doomed to be one. Instead, I’m here to tell you to embrace your long locks and make them stylish. By this time next year, you’re going to be hearing long hair is the new style, and you’ll regret cutting your hair. I myself have been growing my hair long for nearly two years, although I will admit I do need some style to my hair. One of my friends who was stuck in a style rut has updated her look, with an almost Zooey Deschanel inspired cut, complete with bangs. The great thing about the cut? It looks great up or down, it’s functional for the gym, plus she got to keep her long locks. Enjoy the photo of Michelle M.'s haircut!

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