Monday, July 20, 2009

The Boyfriend Style

Wondering what the boyfriend style is? It's been around since Yves Saint Laurent debuted Le Smoking Suit, arguably the most famous classic tuxedo suit for women in 1966 and has come into mainstream fashion in waves since the 60's. It occured most prominently in the late 80's with the advent of shoulders pads in over sized men's suits. In past years however, it has come into style in the form of a jean, known simply as the 'boyfriend jean'. A baggier, slouchier cut than we've seen in recent years, it is meant to be rolled so it has a small cuff. This jean has mutated into one of the wardrobe staples of the season, and is being retailed at stores as different as Aritzia and as mainstream as American Eagle.

The GAP, one of the most stylistically mundane stores to grace malls across the Americas, has based their new collection entirely around the boyfriend style. Aptly named, the Boyfriend Collection, the new line features clothes inspired by your boyfriend including the boyfriend sweater, boyfriend jeans, the textured boyfriend shirt, and schoolboy blazers. The look really harks back to style basics; structured jackets, v-neck t-shirts, crisp white blouses, and long v-neck knits. However, the creativity factor is really zero. How does something become boyfriend style? Well if it's slightly over sized, comfortable, neutral and looks like something you'd wear from your boyfriend's closet you have perfected the look. Not to say I don't like this modern boyfriend style, but I prefer the old fashioned clean lines and stark silhouette of an YSL pant suit, rather than jeans that make me look a little fat but are comfortable.

My suggestions on how to make the boyfriend style work would be stick to flattering styles, avoid the boyfriend jean unless it is a dark wash, and when wearing the slightly over sized sweater, blazers, or t-shirts keep your bottom streamlined in either cigarette/straight leg jeans (or slacks) or a pair of shorts. Personally, I like to wear a men's style shirt tucked into shorts with a brown belt and leather sandals, or a over sized v-neck sweater with a pair of straight legged jeans and moccasins. Add wayfarers or a fedora for instant style. Found another way to wear the boyfriend style? Post a comment or photo!

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