Thursday, June 25, 2009

Where Have All The Fashionable Hats Gone?

I have my mind set on a hat. I know exactly what it looks like because everyone seems to have one, or one that looks like it, and I want one too! It's a simple straw fedora with a black ribbon and it will almost complete my beach attire for the season (after I buy that black maxi dress at my work... and a pair of gold rim aviators... and another pair of gladiators) However, the search for it is turning out to be anything but simple. Unfortunately, living in Waterloo, access to stores and fashion is at times limited, very limited. Yes, we have an Aritzia, a Banana Republic, an Espirit... and a few other generally more sought after stores, but it seems no one is carrying this hat, or those who did carry it are sold out.

I'm at my wits end here, I'm even considering looking at Sirens and Stitches. Don't judge me too harshly friends. If only I lived in Toronto, the land of Urban Outfitters and hundreds of other large trendy stores. Have you seen this hat in the K/W area? If you have please tell me where, there may be a reward in it for you.

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