Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Reading Week

I'm home in London during reading week, which my boyfriend has off from school, and I booked off from work. It's a little strange not being in school and being stressed out over reading week. In fact, I spent my entire weekend traveling and celebrating my dear friend's 23rd birthday, Michelle of Michelle My Belle. We had a wonderful time catching up with our friends, who we really miss now that we are in Ottawa. It's hard to replace friends this wonderful.

I'm planning on spending my reading week exploring a newish author (newer than Jane Austen at least), Margery Allingham. I'm also finishing up Pride and Prejudice, as well as Christie's Death in the Air, which I began reading on a whim in the car. I also took out a book about upper west side witches, which I think will be my first foray into the supernatural since Harry Potter. I can't bring myself to read Twilight or watch True Blood. Vampires just don't do it for me.

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