Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ottawa, Oh Ottawa

Last night I checked out some of the shopping Ottawa has to offer. First stop was Byward Market for a little shopping before dinner, I bought a nice sourdough loaf at a bakery and ogled some wool and shearling gloves that were well beyond my price range. After dinner at Cornerstone with some of my favourite girls from London who were up visiting, I stopped by the Rideau Center with the boyfriend. The Bay is immaculate there, resplendent in a massive Ralph Lauren section and a beautiful first floor make-up counter, boasting all the designer lines. I duly purchased a new Diorshow mascara and made my merry way along to the rest of the mall. Highlights included Michael Kors, a large Club Monaco, a Mens and Womens Banana Republic complete with shoes, and a very lovely and large Gap. Of course I had to take advantage of the shoes at Banana Republic (50% off, who could resist) so I bought a pair and Roger and I proceeded to take our chariot home (which now is the bus sadly). To be noted, Ottawa has no H&M, no Forever21. Fairly disappointing but there are other gems out there. Now to discover the side streets and hidden gems housing boutiques and delicious bakeries.


  1. These are so cute! Simple yet fun flats!

  2. No H&M, but they do have a ZARA!! In the market there are 2 really cute shops, Road Trip and their pricier sister store Trustfund. Both of them have websites too, check them out!

  3. I did see the Zara and am definitely looking forward to shopping there! Thanks for the tips about the market as well, I will have to have a look at those stores!