Thursday, November 4, 2010

December Issue of Elle

The December issue of Elle Canada arrived on my door stop yesterday. I read it all in one sitting, pausing only to think, what am I going to wear to New Year's Eve this year and where will I go? I love fall and winter fashions, which are indulgent and glamorous, and make up for the lightness of the summer. I think my friends are all heading up to Montreal this year to celebrate New Year's Eve and we have chosen to do a dressy event this year. I want my dress to be dramatic and textured, I'm almost thinking of rocking a skirt and a long sleeve lace shirt (if anyone of you reading this blog (if there is anyone) who I will be celebrating NYE with dare to steal this look). I might add some colour to it, or even some gold, but for now all black is my inspiration. Here are some of my ideas!

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