Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Louis Vuitton

I love Louis Vuitton's most recent ads featuring the lovely Miss Christy Turlington. It is so refreshing to see a classic supermodel hawking a product again and not a googly eyed European (Lily Cole anyone?). Christy Turlington admittedly is no longer in her heyday but she is still striking and her new curves really suit her. The corset tops and long skirts included in the Winter 2010 collection are so covetable and have sparked a new trend worldwide. Mini skirts will always be in but now there are so many options for those who prefer a longer skirt. Louis Vuitton has created skirts in muted plaids, creams, and leather, taupes reign supreme, as does subtle velvet details on belts and shirt straps. This fall and winter feminine details have come back in full force, such a change from the military boots and boyfriend shirts that have been so popular the last few winters at certain fashion houses like McQueen. How will you wear a long full skirt?


  1. I love these dresses, I got a navy dress in this style from ASOS. Just need something to wear it to now!

  2. Exactly how I feel, all dressed up and nowhere to go!