Friday, July 16, 2010

New Gossip Girl Styles

Anyone seen the stills from the upcoming season of Gossip Girl? Blair and Serena look so edgy and fashion forward, but still keep a beautiful feminine edge.

I like the boho-edge Serena is sporting in this scene. Blair looks so Park Ave and business women-like, I wish she would sport a younger style in the show, something less structured.
I'm dying to know what this outrageous look is used for! She looks so costumey but the look is still so Serena.
I love these rainboots! Such a nice change from the traditional hunters, and especially stylish with those knee socks exposed.
How adorable is this look? I love neutral bags paired with florals! The clear umbrella is so chic too, I saw so many when I lived in England.

Don't worry, I didn't forget about the boys style either; they look delish this season in dress casual looks and basics. I'm dying to know what Chuck Bass will be up to this season but from the looks of it, he'll still be looking divine. Sadly no sneak peaks of Lonely Boy yet this season, just lots of candids of he and real life girlfriend Blake Lively kissing in NYC.

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