Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fashion on Campus

This past Wednesday, I spent the afternoon on campus trying to find some style inspiration. Enjoy the photos of the fashionistas I found that day! Thanks again to Corey for the great photos! (P.S. See if you can spot yours truly in the photos)

Apparently, this was her worst fashion day of the week.
It was still better than everyone else so bravo!

Fedoras and wayfarers are becoming a fashion staple,
in both men's and women's fashion. Love that bag too,
and of course it's vintage. Good luck finding your own.
Great casual style for campus. Striped dresses are all
the rage and this one looks great pared with leggings
and a black cushioned patterned bag.
We barely had a chance to talk to this young lady,
we just slipped her our business card and took her
photo. I loved her cardigan, it was diamond patterned
and sort of see through, plus she had two purses.
This outfit had so much going on. Tribal jewelry,
striped shirt, short vest and skinny jeans. Want
to copy the look? The shirt and vest are from H&M.
This young man we were very lucky to photograph as
he is actually a model! He was also very opinionated
as to fashion on campus, pointing around to different
people and declaring, ‘Fail, fail, fail!’.
Needless to say, we loved him.
This was one of Corey's finds, great moccasins and
ripped jeans, plus we loved the way she looked
sitting against the tree reading a book.